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» What is is a free, browsable database of hotel bonus point promotions. It is designed to help you earn the most hotel points on every trip.

» Sounds good. So how do I maximize bonus points on my next flight?

It's easy. Hotel loyalty programs run time-limited promotions, such as double or triple points, for specific or chain-wide hotel properties. Taking advantage of such an offer will boost your point balance. Search for offers by entering the destination city, state and country (or the 3-letter airport code) and will present all promotions relevant to your stay.

» What are "targeted promotions"?

From time to time, you may see that the promotion's note contains the phrase "This is a targeted promotion". Targeted promotion are designed for a specific audience, and are usually promoted by targeted mail, e-mail, magazines, etc. Information about these offers is usually not available on the program's website, and registration often down not work. Even if registration does work, you might not earn miles. However, occasionally you may still be able to register for the offer and earn points.'s database includes targeted offers, but you should use them at your own risk. When in doubt, contact the hotel program's customer service representetive.

» Should I enroll in more than one hotel program?

We think you should. Most hotel programs are fee-free. Don't hesitate to open accounts with many programs. With double and triple mile points, it is often enough to stay once or twice with a hotel in order to be eligible for an award. Free account aggregators such as the online or the desktop MileTracker make it easy to keep track of your loyalty accounts.

» How can I help?

This website is designed for the benefit of the frequent traveler community. If you have a suggestion, comment, or any kind of feedback, drop us a line. We love to hear from our users. In fact, some of the best ideas were suggested by our users. Thanks! Any quick tips?

Always remember to quote your program member number when making a reservation and at check-in time, and keep those receipts (or e-ticket printouts) until you see the points deposited into your account. And most important - remember to check out before booking a hotel!

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